A Tellabration ™ of Podcasts

the storytelling festival for the digital age


October 2015

What’s a Tellabration, Anyway?

Tellabration ™, which goes back to 1988, is a worldwide festival of storytelling, bringing tellers together to share story, build community, and benefit the craft of storytelling. It is generally an in-person event, sometimes a formal performance and sometimes a casual evening of stories. The goal of this project is to bring Tellabration to the digital world where podcasts of all sizes and stripes are doing creative, innovative, and imaginative storytelling. Tellabration is traditionally opened with this Proclamation:

In the name of storytelling

Saturday, November 19th

Is hereby proclaimed to be


The Worldwide Event of Storytelling

At this very moment

Across six continents

In 40 states

And nine countries

From Sacramento to Savannah

Boise to Barcelona

West Virginia to West Indies

and across the globe at

Over 300 audiences are gathered for

This spectacular storytelling event!

Without further delay,

In joy and anticipation…

Let the stories begin!


International Podcast Day and an Invitation

International Podcast Day is the day set aside not to promote your own podcast, but to promote the idea of podcasting. You are invited to celebrate by participating in a special podcast storytelling event. IT DOES NOT DO TO DWELL ON DREAMS,

Storytelling isn’t new. The way we do it might be, but the art of sharing story hasn’t changed. Right now, podcasters all over the world are sharing stories. They are talking about the origins of business, about the phases of parenting, about what a health condition does and what bringing under control can do. They are sharing the stories of history and pop culture and true crime and the everyday. They are speaking with passion about how they found their passions. They are telling stories.

On November 19th, storytellers will gather all around the world for Tellabration, the international festival of storytelling. We invite podcasters to come together to tell their stories, and those who listen to find some new stories, too. Join us, won’t you? Your story needs to be told.

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