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September 2016

Podcasters: Don’t Procrastinate!


Ten podcasts and counting are part of Tellabration ™ 2016 at the time of this writing, and there is room for your show. Record your story and send it to us today!

Some themes that are emerging will feel familiar to many podcasters:

  • Community: who you create with and for, the relationships you build
  • Real-life: who you are, your raw story
  • Niche: those specialty areas in which podcasters live and work. What are the stories of those topics?

If this is your story or if your story is something totally different, share it with us. But hurry…time is running out! Submissions need to be in tomorrow.


We Are the Storytellers: answers to your questions plus a sample story

Tell me

A Tellabration of Podcasts is still looking for podcast contributors. If you have sent your audio, thank you so much. If you have not, good news: we are accepting these through September 30 and have lots of space available.

To help get your creative juices flowing, I created this sample story to give you a sense of what we are looking for. I also have some answers to your questions:


Question: Can I participate if I don’t have a storytelling podcast?

Somehow, in podcasting, “storytelling” has come to mean a particular kind of heavily edited documentary style show a la NPR. If you have one of those, awesome. But there is more than one kind of storytelling. As the sample story is meant to demonstrate, there is room for us all under the heading of storytelling, and no matter the topic or style of your show I bet you are out there telling stories. So yes!


Question: Are you super strict about the four minutes? How can I possibly fit my story into that?

Four minutes is the average length of a story on No Extra Words. The limit comes from this being a No Extra Words production…short is what we do here! Keeping your story short makes room for the stories of others and helps us to create a collage of story. So yes, I’m pretty strict about it. That said, if you run to four minutes two seconds I’m probably not going to cut you. Just aim for four minutes.


Question: Tell me again about the timeline and deadlines.

Our deadline for podcasters to submit audio is September 30, which happens to be International Podcast Day, but the release of the put together Tellabration ™ Special is scheduled for November 19, which is the day of the international Tellabration ™ celebration. If you want to participate send audio by September 30 and expect a release of everyone’s stories in November.


Question: Can I just send you the promo to my show?

You can if your promo tells a story, but try to think beyond that. Of course a big goal of this is to promote your show, but promos tend to be big picture, talking about your whole show, whereas good stories live in the details. So focus on a particular piece, like how you got your name or met your co-host or the story of one special episode or guest. Don’t worry. You do a good job telling your story and people who are interested will find you.


Keep the questions and audio clips coming…we love to hear from you!

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